us: *watching Lily Allen's Hard Out Here video*
me: that's Theon Greyjoy's sister
him: Yara Greyjoy sings???
me: uhh, nevermind...

Loneliness is not measurable by numbers or bodies or answers to a questionnaire; loneliness is the perpetual state of seeking that which you so crave, that which you so need. Loneliness comes with settling for less than you deserve just as surely as it comes with reaching for that which you cannot attain. It’s incurable by company, it swells in the presence of friends; it grips you unforgivingly, from within.

Aloneness is different. Aloneness is finding freedom in this very same isolation; it’s the strange state of bliss that comes with being truly, honestly, unapologetically content in your own company.

Being alone is buying a single ticket to a foreign film you know absolutely nothing about. It’s sitting in the back row, tearing open the wrapper to your favorite chocolate bar, immersing yourself so completely in the fictional love of fictional characters that you all but forget the to-and-fros of your own trivial existence.

Loneliness and aloneness stand as the two pillars to the one, emotional pendulum. There will be days when you’re so physically alone, so abandoned in your own company that you find yourselves smiling, laughing without reason. Then there will be the days spent by the ocean with the one you love, when you find yourselves suddenly, inconceivably, on the verge of tears.


A Song of Ice and Fire is not about kings. It’s about the people who surround, support and get stomped on by kings in quests for thrones and power. In older fantasy stories, the young kings are the heroes and lead characters, so George R.R. Martin subverted that by presenting his story through the perspective of everyone but the kings. The tale is now told by the rulers’ friends, mothers, children, wives, and the other people who usually become fringe characters. The only ruler with a point-of-view chapter is Daenerys, and she is not a Westerosi king.

Robert, Joffrey, Renly, Robb, Stannis, Balon- they don’t get to tell the story. They aren’t the heroes of the story. There may not be any, but if there are, it’s not them.

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I’m going to SG and KL this April!!!

Will there be any (music) festivals there?

me re-watching Rains of Castamere: